Centre for Teaching and Learning (CITL) has been established to encourage innovative and effective teaching and learning at Royal Thimphu College. The Centre embraces the contemporary approach of quality teaching and learning through the application of evidence-based research, reflection to improve current teaching learning pattern, collaboration between the teaching and non-teaching staff to support professional development and keeping students at the center of learning (student-centered). The Centre will facilitate workshops and training programs for faculty members to learn as well as revise the concepts and methodologies of teaching and classroom management. 


Aim: The main aim of the CITL will be to inspire innovative teaching and learning culture at RTC by engaging experienced faculty and expert professionals from around the world to encourage life-long learning for both teaching staff and students. 

Objectives: The following are the main objectives of the center;

1. To help develop instructional strategies that promote student-centered learning. 

2.  Assist faculty in designing innovative teaching-learning models of both in person and online mode.

3.  Encourage collaboration among faculty, student and academic staff to support their professional development as educators. 

4.  Provide a platform for reflective dialogue among faculty about their own teaching-learning insight, experience and resource. 

5.  Assist faculty in integrating innovative use of technology into teaching-learning practices. 

6.  Stimulate research into innovative teaching-learning practices.