The Royal Thimphu College announces the requirement of faculty in various subjects as indicated below for the Fall Semester starting early August 2020. We invite interested and highly motivated professionals to submit applications for the following faculty positions on full-time or part-time basis:

Sl.Subject AreaMinimum Qualification RequiredSubject specialization (if any)Slot
1 Deputy Dean for the BSC Nursing & Midwifery programme Masters in Nursing and Mid-Wifery Relevant teaching/ administration experience in tertiary institute set up and be registered or be eligible for registration with the Bhutan Medical and Health Council 1
2 Nursing Masters in Nursing and Mid-Wifery Relevant teaching experience either in a clinical setting or tertiary institute and be registered or be eligible for registration with the Bhutan Medical and Health Council 1
3 Anthropology MA in Anthropology Specialization in the region would be preferred (Asia or Himalayas) 2
4 History Masters in History Experience in research/ teaching of Oral History preferred 1
5 Mass Communication Masters in Mass Communication/ Journalism/ Media Studies/ Broadcasting or in other relevant field Work experience in national/ international broadcasting and journalism preferred 1


Applications with complete CV, academic transcripts and references in soft copies should be submitted online by Monday, June 8, 2020 (5 pm). Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview. Please visit call 351801 (Ext. 161/Ext. 118) for more information. 

The application should include the following:

  1. A covering letter clearly indicating your teaching interest
  2. A Curriculum Vitae / Resume that contains contact details (such as address, e-mail, fax, phone/mobile numbers), education qualification, employment history, research and publication, and other relevant information
  3. Photocopies of Class X, XII, undergraduate and postgraduate degree certificates and mark sheets
  4. Copy of Identity card/citizenship card/ passport
  5. Two reference letters including at least one from your former employer or academic mentor. In case these are not available, the names and contact details of at least two referees who can be contacted should be provided.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The College has categorization of faculty (ranging from Associate Lecturer to Professor) depending on qualification and teaching experience. 
  2. The salary package will range from Nu 30,000 to 60,000 per month (lump sum), commensurate with qualification and experience. The College will also provide a framework for faculty to carry out consulting work and conduct research.
  3. Limited numbers of houses are available on campus. Housing preference will be given to the expatriates.
  4. All other terms and conditions will all be as per the RTC Service Manual and the contract agreement that will be signed after the selection. 

For detailed Job Responsibilities and other information, please visit relevant links on our website or call the HR Office at 351801(EXT 118). 


Terms of Reference

Faculty Positions at Royal Thimphu College


General Job Description

RTC recruits Lecturers on a continuous basis, in a variety of subject areas. Candidates are encouraged to send in applications along with their availability timeline (see below) at anytime, and may be contacted directly in case of ad-hoc/immediate vacancies. The college is seeking "Generalists" for relatively broad subject areas, rather than “Specialists”. This reflects the fact the college has an undergraduate program where a variety of general topics are taught, especially during the first two years, with limited student specialization in the third and final year.

RTC Description and Setting:

RTC is the first private college in the Kingdom of Bhutan. RTC is an affiliate of the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), which oversees 10 government colleges and technical institutes. As the first private college, RTC has greater flexibility than government colleges to carry out its vision of "Inspiring Education in Bhutan". Specifically, RTC's philosophy is to focus college education heavily on developing skills (e.g. communications, critical thinking, analysis, etc.), preparing students for life-long learning, and for productive and fulfilling lives and careers. RTC also emphasizes diversity in its teaching faculty, and direct exposure of Bhutanese students to other cultures and approaches, to prepare them for Bhutan's rapidly increasing involvement in the outside world. This aspect is fostered through recruiting of foreign students, and through international exchange programs.

RTC has approximately 1000 students and 66 faculty members more than 30% of which are International Faculty. RTC offers undergraduate programs in business, computer application(s), and a variety of BA programs offered as combinations of two subjects (e.g. English and economics, English and Dzongkha, sociology and political science, English and environmental science). In its short history, the College has developed a vibrant campus community, with about half of the faculty and students living on campus. The college has frequent bus service to the nearby capital, Thimphu, approximately 20 minutes away, - a city of 100,000 people, with a rich cultural life.

Requirements and Opportunities for Lecturers at RTC


a. Masters degree in an area relevant to the courses to be taught. Preference will be given to those who have previously taught at the college level.

b. Teaching schedule: Fall semester runs from late July to mid-December. The Spring semester runs from late February to early July. There is a long winter break, and a short summer break between semesters.

c. Teaching load: Three "modules" or "courses" each semester. Typical class time for each module is four regular sessions and possibly one tutorial session per week. However, experienced faculty serving as Programme Leader(s) would have a reduced load of two modules. Those lecturers supervising student projects, internships etc. may also have reduced classroom responsibilities.

d. Each lecturer is also assigned responsibility to serve as an adviser to a group of ~10-20 students.

e. Faculty are strongly encouraged to advise and work with student clubs, student government and other similar activities, and generally participate actively in campus life.


a. Faculty are encouraged to conduct their own research, and also involve RTC students in their research projects.

b. Faculty are also encouraged to develop, through the College, official consulting engagements with businesses and government in Bhutan. This not only allows faculty to supplement their income, but also lets them broaden their experience in Bhutan and potentially involve RTC students in related projects. Fascinating volunteer opportunities also abound in Bhutan. For example, RTC faculty have participated in activities ranging from teaching English to monks in remote monasteries to environmental projects.

c. Regarding compensation, RTC salaries generally range from Nu. 31,000 to Nu. 62,000 per month (equivalent to US$500 to $1000 per month). Deductions for health and income tax range from (10%-12%). The cost of living is very low by Western standards, with a two furnished bedroom faculty apartment on campus costing around Nu 9,000, and food around Nu. 5,000 per month. Those faculty staying at least one year will also be reimbursed for the one-way travel cost from their home.

d. For a much more extensive picture of RTC, please visit the other parts of the college website at

Next steps:

Current vacancies are listed above. However, RTC also recruits on an ongoing basis in the areas of Business, English, Economics, Environmental Studies, Social Sciences, and Dzongkha. The College also recruits for subjects related to skills development (personal skills, analytical skills). If you have an interest in any of these areas, please send your CV (including complete phone and e-mail contact information, cover letter, and at least two references) along with an indication of your availability timeline to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also Fax to 975-02-351806, or phone the Human Resource(s) Manager, at 975-02-351801. Apart from specific vacancy announcements, you could be contacted to fill in ad-hoc / immediate vacancies either as a Full-time or Part-time or short-term engagements.