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RTC-SEISA Cultural Exchange Programme – Japan

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RTC SEISA Cultural Exchange Programme 20190311

The 9th annual SEISA Cultural Exchange programme was participated by 10 students accompanied by one faculty and 3 staff from 27th Jan – 6th Feb 2019. The main objective of the programme is to provide RTC students and staff the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture, health, and education system, sports, and entertainment in Japan and also to understand and build a strong friendship between the two countries and promote strong institutional partnership between SESIA and Royal Thimphu College.


The group visited more than 10 famous places in Japan such as the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Lala Port, JAMSTEC and various SEISA schools which helped the participants experience wide variety of enriching activities.

The programme also provided a platform to share, learn and experience Japanese culture, food and the importance of time.

SEISA and RTC are looking forward to the 10th year of its partnership. 

RTC SEISA Cultural Exchange Programme

RTC SEISA Cultural Exchange Programme 2019