As a way to encourage participation in CITL programmes for the faculty members, the CITL will provide certification for those who participate in various programmes.

Each faculty member at RTC will be required to collect at least 3 points at the end of each semester and at least 6 points within a year. An e-certificate will be provided for those who have collected 10 points or more in a year; this should be requested in advance for those interested to get the certificate. Individuals who collect at least 6 points at the end of the year are eligible for a letter of reference from the CITL office; this should be requested in advance as well.

The following are the CPD points for the different CITL programmes:


1 Workshop/Training (Participants) 3 points
2 Workshop/Training (Facilitators) 6 points
3 Seminar (Participants) 2 points
4 Seminar (Contributors) 4 points
5 Guest Lecture (Participants) 1 point
6 Peer Observation Partnerships (year-long cycles)

Training - 3 points

Full cycle - 15 points

7 CITL Research engagement 10 - 30 points