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The Royal Thimphu College Strategic Plan 2022-2026 has been developed following a Balanced Scorecard approach and is structured around four Themes: Culture of Excellence, Culture of Diversity, Culture of Community, and Impactful Growth. Each Theme has a Strategic Result and several Objectives that are aimed at fulfilling our Mission and Vision. Detailed Measures, Targets, and Initiatives have also been developed, and are dynamically re-formulated to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

The Culture of Excellence theme is focused on making RTC the college of choice for students. This is achieved through a series of objectives including improving student satisfaction, enhancing faculty performance, and ensuring financial sustainability. We will also prioritize the improvement of cost and operational efficiency, while enhancing the teaching and learning environment, physical infrastructure, digital technology, and professional capacity.

The Culture of Diversity theme is aimed at promoting diversity in perspectives, opportunities, and people at RTC. To achieve this, we will enhance the internationalization of our campus, strengthen strategic partnerships, and attract quality students.

The Culture of Community theme is focused on building a strong sense of community, team spirit, ownership, and satisfaction among our faculty and staff. We will foster employee motivation and belongingness, build community vitality, and strengthen our organisational culture.

Finally, the Impactful Growth theme aims to increase RTC’s societal impact by expanding academic offerings, increasing societal engagement, and increasing research outputs and funding. As an institution committed to the betterment of society, we believe that these objectives are crucial in fulfilling our mission.

See the full strategic plan document here:

Royal Thimphu College Strategic Plan 2022-2026