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RTC Readmission Policy

Readmission Application Form

The Royal Thimphu College allows its students to get re-admitted, who had previously discontinued their studies at the college owing to a reported genuine reason. However, as per the RUB regulation, students should still be able to complete the programme within the stipulated time period of five years from his/her registration at the college.

1.0 Students who fail in the first semester of the first year:

1.1 Students who had failed in all 5 modules in the first attempt may not generally be considered for readmission to the same program unless the failure is due to the inability to sit for the final examination caused by an unavoidable situation such as a serious medical condition or a family tragedy that is made known to the college through a documentary proof.

1.2 Students with failure in 3-4 modules may be considered for readmission to the same or a different program upon meeting the conditions laid in Clause 5.0 below of this policy document.

1.3 Repeating students should fulfill the current admission criteria of the program applied for.

1.4 A repeating student, who had not withdrawn the earlier security deposit from the college, need not pay the admission processing fee of Nu 500. However, he/she will be required to pay the fee that is applicable to the cohort he/she joins.

2.0 Students who fail in later semesters:

Students who fail any semester beyond the first may reapply for the same semester that they failed previously. Readmission will be given only upon fulfilling the conditions laid in Clause 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 mentioned below in this policy document. A student will be required to pay all types of revised fees in effect for the cohort he/she joins.

3.0 Students debarred due to attendance shortage

College holds its right to admit or not those students who have been debarred due to attendance shortage. Students with genuine reasons for attendance shortage in the previous semester/year may apply for readmission only if they provide adequate and acceptable evidence that a similar lapse will not be repeated. This will be in the form of a written assurance from the student, duly endorsed by the guardian, for meeting the attendance requirement till his/her tenure ends at the college.

4.0 Students who have withdrawn from the college voluntarily through the college withdrawal process

Such students seeking readmission may apply as above in items 1, 2, or 3. Readmission may be given on a case-by-case basis. 

5.0 Students from any level (semester/year) having records of disciplinary problems during the time when they were earlier at RTC

5.1 No readmission will be allowed after a student is expelled from RTC.

5.2 RTC management holds the right to disapprove readmission to students who had disciplinary problems while they were at the college in their earlier term. A disciplinary problem includes both recorded and unrecorded cases of indiscipline (on and off-campus), attendance shortage, and a failure to pay the fees within the stipulated time.

6.0 Students from other colleges who fail at some level and seek admission at RTC into the same programmes: 

Admission will be given on a case-by-case basis. Students’ reasons for leaving the previous college will be fully investigated and the College must be satisfied that there are no adverse reports against the student as well as qualify the RTC criteria for that programme. The technical formalities of such transfers must be fully satisfied in terms of credit transfer and any other RUB/RTC requirements.

7.0 Timeline for readmission application 

Failed students from past semesters desiring to continue their study at RTC must apply for readmission by filling out the Readmission_Application_Form and submitting it to the Registrar at least a week prior to the start of the semester to which re-admission is requested. However, those requesting re-admission to the first semester and fulfilling the relevant clauses mentioned above, are encouraged to apply by March 15th so that their seats are secured. College cannot be held responsible for the lack of seats in the first semester programmes due to delayed applications from the repeating students.