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Dates are subject to change. Check www.rtc.bt for the latest announcements.


Admission calendar
15th January, Monday - BHSEC results declared (Tentative)
24th February, Wednesday - Admissions open for both CE and Regular Students
1st May, Wednesday - Last date for payment of balance fees for admitted students


Scholarship calendar
24 Jan, Wednesday - Announcement of RTC Academic Scholarship
6 Feb, Tuesday - Last date for submission of RTC Academic Scholarships.
12 Feb, Monday - Announcement of the selected students for RTC Academic Scholarship
14 Feb, Wednesday - Announcement for the RTC-BOC Sports scholarship
28 Feb, Wednesday

- Last date for submission for RTC-BOC Scholarship

-Federations to submit the RTC-BOC scholarship applications to

8 Mar, Friday - Interview for RTC-BOC Scholarship
11 Mar, Monday - Announcement of selected candidate for RTC BOC scholarship.
29 Feb, Thursday - RTC-YDF Scholarship announcement
13 Mar, Thursday - Last date of submission for RTC-YDF need based scholarship
18 Mar, Monday - Announcement of shortlisted candidate for RTC-YDF scholarship
22 Mar, Friday - Selection interview for RTC-YDF Need based scholarship.
25 Mar, Monday - Announcement for selected RTC-YDF Need based Scholarship.
29 Apr, Monday - Announcement of Loden-RTC Need-based Scholarship.
13 May, Monday - Last date for submission of Loden-RTC Need-based Scholarship.
5 April, Friday - WWF-Train Legacy Scholarship+HHEF Scholarship announcement.
 19 April, Friday - Last date for submission of WWF-Train Legacy Scholarship+HHEF Scholarship announcement.
 29 April, Monday - Shortlisting interview for WWF-Train Legacy Scholarship+HHEEF scholarship
 1 May, Wednesday - Announcement of COMFUTURA Scholarship
 9 May, Thursday - Last date for submission of COMFUTURA Scholarship
 14 May, Tuesday - Announcement of shortlisted COMFUTURA Scholarship candidates
 1 May - Last date for fee payment