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FAQ - International Students

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1. What are the facilities available for international students?

Room and board are included in the tuition fee. A double room and meals at our dining hall are standard. There are gym facilities on the RTC campus which you would have access to. You can easily stay in touch and share your experiences with friends and family while you are in Bhutan through the internet facilities provided on campus. For specific inquiries on facilities, please email us. 

2. What are the tuition fees to study at RTC?

For the degree programme, please click here: https://www.rtc.bt/index.php/admissions/fee-structure/structure. For the semester study abroad programme, please contact our international student admission at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. What is the total cost for 1 academic year (two semesters of study abroad at RTC)

For further details on tuition fees for one semester of study abroad at RTC, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If the student studies at RTC for a year and pursues two semesters, some of the administrative fees would be a bit lower by a few hundred dollars for that second semester than the first semester.

4. Are there any scholarships, grants, or financial aid opportunities available for students pursuing a semester study abroad/degree at your college?

As of now, we do not provide scholarships/ financial aid to international students. We honor financial awards paid by outside parties for your tuition. 

5. Could you provide an overview of the academic curriculum and extracurricular activities that gap year students can engage in during their time at your college?

All the academic programmes offered and extracurricular activities at RTC can be found on our website here: https://www.rtc.bt/. In addition, the International Relations Office organises various excursions within Bhutan for international students. International students can take 4-5 modules at RTC depending on the requirement of their home university or they can take 2 modules along with a credited internship programme depending on the requirement of their home university. The International Relations Office will coordinate the internship placement according to the international student's preferred agency and their current needs.

6. Can the international students learn the local language (Dzongkha)?

RTC offers the Dzongkha language module - DFL 1 and DFL 2. International students are required to take DFL 1 during their semester study abroad programme.

7. Is there any communication gap between the domestic and international students?

Many Bhutanese speak English fluently, which opens up a lot of opportunities for communication with all sectors in society as well as foreign students' classmates.