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Rig Tshoel - Research Journal

Bhutan's First and Only A+ Accredited Institution      Inspiring Education in Bhutan

Rig Tshoel - Research Journal of the Royal Thimphu College is an open-access peer-reviewed journal that aligns with a key mission of Royal Thimphu College: 'To be a crucible of new ideas and knowledge that serves to enrich people's lives and enhances the welfare of society.'

The journal aims to issue at least once a year and invites contributions on a wide range of subjects, both from within and outside the RTC community. Please visit the journal website (https://journal.rtc.bt/) for complete details and current/past issues.

Rig Tshoel Vol I No I Autumn 2018 Cover

Rig-Tshoel Vol 6 No I Autumn 2023

Rig-Tshoel Vol 5 No I Autumn 2022 - Special Edition on Higher Education in Bhutan

Rig-Tshoel Vol 4 No I Autumn 2021

Rig-Tshoel Vol 3 No I Autumn 2020

Rig Tshoel Vol 2 No I Autumn 2019

Rig Tshoel Vol I No I Autumn 2018