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The application period is closed and applications are being reviewed. Selection will done within September, 2019. Applicants will be contacted directly for any further follow-ups.


Royal Thimphu College is hosting an opportunity for 10 Bhutanese nationals to support their on-going work with persons with disabilities, through the ‘Inclusion Fellows Programme’. As part of a UK Government project titled, “Understanding, Developing, and Supporting Meaningful Work for Youth with Disabilities in Bhutan: Networks, Communities, and Transitions,” 10 selected Bhutanese will receive training and exposure to various ways of supporting young adults with disabilities in education, training, employment, community living, and social participation. 

Fellows do not need to be located in Thimphu in order to be eligible for this opportunity. Any Bhutanese citizen is eligible for this program, no matter what rank or position.

In order to be considered for the Fellows Programme, applicants: 

  • Must be able to communicate fairly well in English (preferably minimum qualification of class 10)
  • Be already working with persons with disabilities in some capacity (volunteer or within-family support is okay) or has past experience working directly with persons with disabilities.
  • Agree to keep a journal of ideas and activities for a period of 12 months.
  • Agree to participate in media and filming events.
  • Be willing to work with local and international partners, and provide information about their experiences when requested.
  • Be passionate about inclusion and disability rights.
  • Be open to new ideas and excited to work hard to implement something new to Bhutan.
  • Use their training and knowledge-gained in order to directly make the lives of persons with disabilities in Bhutan better. Those that seek this opportunity for personal gain need not apply.

Specific Terms: 

  • The fellows will be paid for all travel expenses, and expenses for trainings in Bhutan and outside, but will not be full-time paid fellows. However, they will be encouraged to apply for the micro-grant fund.
  • Application deadline on 26 August, 2019 at 12:00pm

Application Process:

  • Submit CV or application for the fellowship along with a copy of your CID.
  • Submit a written (typed) essay in English in which they should explain their experience, what they hope to gain from the additional training and support, and plans for the future (see below). Essays will be assessed on ideas, thoughtfulness, and passion; as well as on writing ability and ability to communicate effectively.


1. What is your current or past experience working with persons with disabilities in Bhutan? (approx. 100-250 words)

2. With the opportunities presented through the Fellows Program, specified in the description, what do you hope to learn and gain through your participation, in terms of your own professional development? (approx. 250-500 words)  

3. What do you hope to gain through participation in this program, in terms of activities and initiatives to benefit young adults with disabilities in Bhutan? What ideas do you have already that you hope to learn more about through additional training and exposure? (approx. 250-500 words)

4. In your view, what are the major challenges facing youth with disabilities in Bhutanese society, particularly around education, training, employment, social participation, and community living? How do you think these challenges can be overcome? The more specific and actionable your answer, the better. (approx. 500-1000 words)  


Application with the necessary documents should be submitted to the Grants Coordinator by August 26, 2019 (12:00 noon) in hard copies to our City Office at Chang Lam Plaza (Room # 56).

Please contact 351801 (ext. 164) for more information.