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For the need-based individual short sessions, the PLs are requested to determine which of the topics listed below are required for their programme and nominate a tutor(s). CITL will work with these tutors for a month and help them design an hour-long session on the chosen topic as an internal CPD session and would be expected to facilitate CPD for their programme. As such, in recognizing the significance of experienced tutors’ role in facilitating PD programmes, we would like to suggest that PLs nominate a faculty member who possesses 3-5 years of teaching experience. We believe that experienced tutors’ contribution as a facilitator will elevate the overall quality and impact of the session they lead.

We, therefore, request that PLs complete registration in accordance with your programme’s requirements. CITL will send out an email request by August 18, 2023, for a tutor nomination to work with us. The consultative work with CITL will be carried out in the month of September 2023. Individual programmes can then plan for need-based CPD sessions from October onwards. The credits for the short sessions will be awarded in discussion and in consultation with the respective PLs.

TopicResource PersonDescription
Coursepack TBA The sessions on ‘coursepack’ will cover various aspects, including selecting and curating materials, designing coursepack structures, and promoting active learning. These sessions are aimed to provide tutors with the knowledge and skills to use coursepack materials effectively in their teaching practice.
Classroom Activity -Lecture and Q&A TBA The purpose of this need-based session is to provide an overview of conducting engaging lectures and facilitating interactive Q & A sessions in the classroom. Further, this session is aimed to equip tutors with the knowledge and skills to effectively deliver lectures and engage students through meaningful Q & A interactions.  During the sessions, various components of the teaching-learning process such as lecture delivery techniques, creating interactive Q & A sessions, and improving questioning and response techniques, etc. will be discussed.

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