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On October 31, 2018, the Royal Thimphu College hosted its first College FairCollege Fair Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Education in Bhutan 1 20181109 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The event was opened by the Founding Director of the College, Dasho Tenzing Yonten along with the College executive members. A total of 37 stalls were set up by the students, representing their academic programmes and included entertainment, food, amusing games, photo exhibition, cultural shows, live musical show, souvenir sales, demonstration of business ideas, art and craft and basic health checkup.

The English Department was creative enough to bring in the concept of Halloween and had set up a haunted house, which attracted a huge number of visitors lined up in front of the entrance, nervously waiting for their turn to get petrified. The students of this department who were not really into scaring others, had used but knowledge-filled books neatly arranged to attract those who were into reading. 

College Fair Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Education in Bhutan 2 20181109The Environment Department was passionately showing the passerby how the bees could be raised for honey. Those who were interested stayed behind till the demonstrator was done explaining how the honey is extracted from the beeswax honeycomb. Unfortunately it was not for free; they had to repay for the knowledge gained with the coupons they had earlier bought at the coupon counter. Moreover, they were persuaded to visit the food stall just next to it. After all, both the stalls were theirs - the EVS Department.

In the next room, many were sighted with a paper as if trying to get in depth of what was written on it. Nonetheless they were just measuring how happy they are through the intellectual questionnaires put up by the Economics Department namely ‘Measuring Gross National Happiness’. In order to spread more happiness, they had a face-painting stall which were filled with kids rushing their way in the crowd to have their face painted earlier than the rest.

Amidst the deafening crowd was a stall which had their visitors gathered around College Fair Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Education in Bhutan 3 20181109in complete silence, eagerly waiting for their turn and the one who had a seat grabbed was passionately listening, trying to ingest in everything laid in front. It was none other than one of the new programmes which was instituted this year, the Anthropology Department. They had their visitors awestricken with the tarot card readings. Moreover, to have the music lovers glued to their stalls, they also had the ‘Guess the Song’ whereby songs were played according to the request made and dedicated to their friends and teachers. 

Those in search for fun and entertainments were taken care by the Political Science and the Business Departments as they had various stalls designated for exciting games. Few were seen trying to win gift hampers through ‘Hitting the Target’, while some were trying out their luck on the lucky draws. After much tiring yet entertaining games, the stalls laden with foods were ready for their chance to earn for their hard work. Moreover, the teams which represented Bhutan in the Mekong Business Challenge 2018 and won the challenge had their business ideas and products displayed for sale. 

College Fair Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Education in Bhutan 4 20181109One of the students of the Mass Communication programme was seen running after a weird-looking creature for an interview, so that he could do a face book live video but to his utter astonishment, that creature turned out to be a student of nursing programme. She had her makeover for the College Fair to achieve the look of a microbe – a germ. There were many more with the similar makeover like her and it was to spread awareness on the common communicable diseases. Furthermore, the Mass Communication students had something different from the rest of the stalls. They did a photo exhibition showcasing the journey of RTC through the past nine years. They ended up igniting nostalgic feelings in those who went through the photos. 

The Dzongkha Department did their share by setting up College Fair Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Education in Bhutan 5 20181109a stall purely based on the Bhutanese culture and history. They had an alter set up along with the huge portraits of the 4th King, His Majesty the King and Gyelsey, appropriately flanked with the exquisitely-embroidered eight lucky signs, besides which the Buddhist chants were printed and displayed. Those who pursued for in-depth meaning in those were further simplified and explained by the Dzongkha Lopens.

The RTC Alumni Association was also one of the highlights of the Fair. The alumni had their chance to relive their long-gone memories and connect with their college mates and faculty. Those who were not registered with the RTC Alumni Association had the opportunity to take part so as to remain connected to the College. Moreover their prerecorded video messages were also played during the Fair.

Likewise, many more stalls were set up to celebrate and mark the commencement of the celebration of 10th Anniversary of the Royal Thimphu College (2009-2019).

College Fair Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Education in Bhutan 6 20181109

College Fair Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Education in Bhutan 7 20181109

College Fair Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Education in Bhutan 8 20181109