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CITL Trainings and Workshops are designed to develop the teaching capability of new faculty members with limited prior teaching experience and all those seeking to refresh and enhance teaching skills. The workshops are also open to other faculty members nominated in discussion with the Programme Leaders. All faculty members can choose their preferred training topics to attend and meet the minimum requirements for continuous professional development.

Most CITL trainings will be conducted during the working Saturdays, with training durations ranging from 2-3 contact hours with at least 1-2 hours of follow-up meetings after 1 or 2 months. All CITL trainings will be 3 CPD points; for those volunteering to facilitate in-house training, these will be 6 points. Training will be designed to be as hands-on as possible, and a feedback and reflection exercise will be carried out as a part of the post-training follow-up. Normally, a maximum of 20 participants will be taken for each workshop.

The following are some of the trainings available for Spring 2022:


DateTopicHoursResource personDescription
26th March Designing Group Assignment 3 hrs Dr. Karma Utha The training is for those seeking to improve the effectiveness of group assignments. The workshop will be given by Dr. Karma Utha from Samtse College of Education, who is a specialist in formative assessment design. The workshop will focus on how to design group assignments for a mixed group of students, focusing especially on a structure that will help minimize free raiders in group work.
9th April Peer Observation Partnerships 3 hrs Dr. Deki Gyamtso The peer observation workshop will focus on Dr. Maureen Bell's peer observation partnership structure. After the workshop participants can choose to complete one cycle of peer observation in a team of 3 members. The peer-observation cycle will include a pre-and post-meeting, 2 observations of your class, and 4 observations of your team class.
28th May Designing Case Studies 2 hrs TBD The training is mainly for business faculty members who aim to enhance the teaching value of case studies. The training will take case study design from the Business DPD for both in-class and out-of-class case study design, along with guideline and rubric design for case studies.
9th July Working with PL, Mentor, and Student Feedback 3 hrs Dr. Samir Patel The workshop is focused on how to more effectively receive and make use of feedback, whether student, PL, or Mentor gathered during a semester, towards reflection and action planning from the data collected. It will also cover theories/concepts of giving and receiving feedback in professional life. It is aimed at both new and experienced faculty who are interested to work on their feedback for continuous self-improvement.

The following are the topics that will be offered in the Autumn semester of 2022:

The Autumn registration will be open from late May onwards.


#TopicTentative Month
1 Project-based assessment design July
2 Online teaching/ Building a portfolio September
3 Action research in teaching October
4 Designing role plays November