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RTC Launches Major International Project to Support Young Adults with Disabilities 20190620

Royal Thimphu College partners on a major international project on employment and social participation for young adults with disabilities in Bhutan.

15th South Asian Economics Student Meet Colombo

15th South Asian Economics Students’ Meet was held in Colombo from 21st till 26th January, 2019. It was such a good opportunity for us to participate in such a well-established regional forum of South Asian undergraduate students. Some of us were travelling outside Bhutan for the first time, this provided us a platform to get so many exposures.

RTC participates in the SEISA Africa Asia Bridge SAAB festival

The SEISA Africa Asia Bridge (SAAB) is a festival focused on the concept of “CHIKEI”, which means to know, connect and to be friends. The festival has been held in Japan every year since 2015. The fourth SEISA Africa Asia Bridge was held in Yokohama, Japan, last year from 10th to 11th November.